Emporess Photoshoot 2016
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My name is Emporess and I am a 16-year-old singer/songwriter. My music is my life and expressing myself through it is my passion. I am trying to raise 2,500 dollars to continue to accomplish my goals. Since I am an independent artist (not signed to a major label) my parents have worked extremely hard to provide funds for things like: studio sessions, mixing/mastering, professional photo shoots, and my travel expenses. With all of this I have completed my album titled {Emporess’ Era}. But this is just the beginning; I now must find ways to showcase my talent and get exposure for my work. This is made possible through record distribution/production, preforming at 2017 Sonic bids showcase event opportunities, and social media promotions. Which all require funds to make possible. I hope to reach my fundraising goal of 2,500 dollars by January 1, 2017. This would be an extraordinary boost to achieving my lifelong dream of touching hearts and changing minds through a successful music career. Thank you for helping me reach my dream!



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